Your Baggage. God's Got It.

Encouragement over Criticism. Community of Holy Friends. Extravagant Generosity. Throughout this season of Lent, we're checking our baggage and giving it to God to shoulder. Whatever the baggage, however heavy it may be, this Lent we are living into the reality that God's Got It. This blog has been created to give you the space to anonymously declare all your baggage. This is an opportunity to to share your list of all the baggage that you're giving up for God to carry. At Thad's, baggage flies free. We encourage you to be bold. We encourage you to let God shoulder the guilt, the shame, the embarrassment, the pain, the anxiety, the fear, the doubt, the despair, the _________. Jimmy taught on the first Sunday in Lent that "as we go inward in order to come outward with God's love, we'll no doubt face times of failure, times when we are confronted by our own shortsightedness, our own baggage. It will be up to us to remind each other that our baggage is not the measure of our success but simply the sign post that points us toward a life lived in hope, faith and love." MARCH 19th: This work continues into the waning days of Lent, with Easter just around the corner. We hope that this blog can now function as an opportunity to re-orient ourselves to see our baggage from God's perspective. This process requires taking the fear and anxiety that looking at our baggage has evoked in all of us and seeing it now within the context of God's Grace, as articulated in John Newton's beautiful song, Amazing Grace: 'Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear, and Grace my fears relieved!" God's Grace is now and has always been present, working to transform our lives and our baggage into something holy. This is God's redemption in action. And, it continues forever, not just during the weeks of Lent. God's Grace Abounds. We'd love to hear from you if this has been your experience AND if it hasn't AND if you're somewhere in between. Our hope is that each post will be a public reminder that none of us is alone. You are not alone. We all have baggage. And, God's Got It.