Dear Thad's Family,

Greetings on this first week of Lent! Our theme for this year is Less is More. We are giving you a gift by inviting you to give some things away, because after all, Less is More, right? *If you are on our e-mail list, you'll hear about the themes each Sunday with a following e-mail each Monday. For this week, we are focusing on the intention to be Less Plugged, More Present. One way to keep that thought front and center, is to utilize this photo to as your phone wallpaper for the week. (Hold thumb down on image and click "Save Image") Look for a new wallpaper each week as an opportunity to keep yourself immersed in this Lenten journey.
Technology is an amazing gift, so it seems. We are more "connected" than ever, yet research shows we are one of the most lonely generations. I am recalling a thought by author Maria Popova. She reminds us that the internet is such a young medium. We have not even had a full generation to live and die with it. It is bound to have both good and evil intertwined. Provocatively, she wonders if people will eventually come to rebel against the things that just don't work for us spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. What do you think about this?

How do we bring awareness to the ways in which being "plugged" helps or hinders us from being present to the things matter most? What practices might you try on this week to be less plugged and more present? E-mail [email protected] to share your thoughts, struggles, and practices this week. We may gather up your collective wisdom of share on our social media and surrounding world. Find below our 2017 Lent Poster!

Plugged into the Present with Lenten Love,


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