The Founders’ Fund

What is it?

The Founders’ Fund is a dedicated, unrestricted fund created to help advance the lovespreading, differencemaking work of the Thad’s community. It was created in 2016 to honor the first decade of mission accomplished by Thad’s and to help the church retain its vision to bring the love of Jesus to the lives of people in positive, practical, and transformative ways. The fund will help the Thad’s family support the ongoing work of the church, as it seeks to make a difference in the City of Los Angeles and beyond.

Who are The Founders?

That’s a great question. Notice the apostrophe! There are more than one, of course. The Founders are the people of Thad’s and the people who have supported Thad’s become a creative, innovative, faithful, missional community over the course of its first decade. Those people include clergy, musicians, lay staff, members of the church, church leadership, philanthropists, denominational leaders, and friends who have helped Thad’s grow into the vibrant community it is.

Does the Founders’ Fund have a goal for 2016?

Sure we do. We would like to grow the fund to $250,000.00 in its first year of existence. We feel like this goal is a lofty goal that expresses the full measure of gratitude so many of us feel for the mission and care of the Thad’s community.

How can I help the Founders’ Fund?

You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the Founders’ Fund by check, credit card or stock transfer. For stock transfer information, please contact [email protected]. You can make a gift to the Founders’ Fund to honor an individual or organization that you believe makes a lovespreading difference in the world or you can make a memorial donation. Your gift will be acknowledged by the Thad’s community to the honoree or memorial when it is received. Online giving is available, easy, and secure at